Inquirendi = 'voyage of discovery'

At INQUIRENDI we increase the value of your innovation portfolio by aligning this innovation with both your (future) business models (and revenue streams) and a scalable IP strategy, so that we greatly increase the business potential of your innovation.

“Invention is not enough. Tesla invented the electric power we use, but he struggled to get it out to the people. You have to combine both things: invention and innovation focus, plus the company that can commercialize things and get them to people.”

Larry Page

About Inquirendi

(ab) Inquirendi, which means 'on a voyage of discovery'. INQUIRENDI has curiosity and inquisitiveness in its DNA and puts this at the service of your company by supporting product and process innovations.

At Inquirendi, we strongly believe in the dynamics between innovation, business modelling and IP strategy.  If you connect these 3 elements in a well-balanced structure, you build a fundamental scalable basis for your innovation efforts.

Innovation potential can be increased through valuebased thinking and systems thinking, this goes beyond customer centricity, but implies overlooking and understanding the complete surrounding metasystem of your company and how to take advantage of this knowledge and build routines to imbed this into your way of working.

By understanding the best IP strategies for (future) revenue streams (whether it is sale or licensing) and connect your innovation potential with these strategies, Inquirendi helps you to build strong scalable IP base for your future endeavors. At Inquirendi we focus on securing the scalable growth of your business instead of simply protecting your innovation.

At Inquirendi, we believe in the innovation and R&D expertise of our customers, but help them grow and scale their business by adding our knowledge and insights through sounding board and brainstorm sessions.

“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
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